Monsoon and Machhar – Social Campaign

“It is the health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Mahatma Gandhi

A strong nation can be built up with strong mind and strong mind derives from good health. Keeping this in mind the society decides to make people aware about good health and its practices. Not everyone can afford accidental measures but everyone can try to ensure minimum preventive measures. Aagan foundation works in the field to promote preventive measures among uneducated and lower class people. To make them educate about good health practices. To achieve this the society every year arranges various awareness campaigns in the health related field ranging from health care camps, aids and cancer awareness, drug awareness programs, first aid camps,   family planning awareness programs etc.

Machhar (Mosquitoes) breed during rainy season. The peak season of malaria overlaps with rainy or monsoon season. During rains, the numbers of mosquitoes increase in an environment conducive to breeding. We through this motto wants to create awareness about preventive measures against mosquito through quiz contest, poetry and participative talk specially focus on the middle class students of the Government Schools. Awareness is spread through distribution of Medals, Socks, chocolates and biscuits amongst children..