With the objective of empowering the nation by taking mini steps in the field of education, cleanliness and financial independence, Aagan Foundation started working since 2011.

These are the major areas in which special efforts are marked by the foundation. The reason why these sectors are chosen specifically is that these sections evolved as major pillars of foundation for others in upliftment of the Society and in nation building.

With the fast growing technology, education today becomes a primary need even for doing even physical work. The preparedness for change at every stage of life for every section of society defines need for education for everyone. The base for education is mandatory and that is the very first level that everyone should have. Minimum level of education creates independence also. An effort is made with the thought of supporting the children (the youth which defines the future ‘India’) by providing them scholarships to at the level of 10th.

Cleanliness is something that derives health related issues. These days many diseases caused due to lack of knowledge regarding cleanliness and leniency towards cleanliness. The focus of the Society is to create awareness for the cleanliness, its benefits and promotion of the same.

Financial independence is what every person wants and needs. Earning own livelihood even by the lower section of society is what the society dreams of. For this the society provides interest free loan for formation of small business. Financial independence will help in building a strong and sustainable nation.